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Worthington® & Loma Linda® are makers of great tasting foods. For over 70 years, we have created new and innovative products for consumers looking for vegetarian options.

Worthington Foods® began as Special Foods in 1939, founded by psychiatrist Dr. George Harding. Dr. Harding was committed to providing health for the body and mind with an emphasis on nutrition and vegetarianism. The first products were the meat alternatives Proast (dark meat) and Numete (light meat). Special Foods grew throughout the years, and saw a jump in production due to a shortage of meat during WWII. In 1945, Special Foods changed their name to Worthington®.

In the decades to follow, Worthington Foods® led the way to new vegetarian products. During the 1950's, Worthington® increased in size due to acquisitions and new product developments, such as Soyamel and Veja-Link, the world's first vegetarian hot dog. In the 1960's, Worthington experienced two major breakthroughs. First, using spun soy fiber to create a meat-like texture helped to bring new vegetarian products to market. Second, Worthington® was the first to bring frozen vegetarian food into supermarkets.

In the 1970's, under new ownership by Miles Laboratories, Worthington® introduced Morningstar Farms® products. In 1982, the original founders bought back the business and, soon after, Dale Twomley became CEO, taking the company public in 1992.

Worthington® continues its tradition today by offering great tasting vegetarian foods for you.

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