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Discontinued Worthington Loma Linda Products
The products listed below have been discontinued.

Worthington® Crispy Chik Patties®
Worthington® Fillets
Worthington® Golden Croquettes
Worthington® Loma Linda® Chik-Nuggets™
Worthington® Loma Linda® Corn Dogs
Worthington® Loma Linda® Dinner Cuts
Worthington® Meatless Chicken Slices
Worthington® Meatless Salami
Worthington® Meatless Smoked Beef
Worthington® Meatless Smoked Turkey Vegetable Protein Slices
Worthington® Meatless Wham Vegetable Protein Slices
Worthington® Prosage® Patties
Worthington® Savory Slices
Worthington® Sliced Chik
Worthington® Sloppy Joe
Worthington® Stroganoff
Worthington® Tuno®
Worthington® Turkee Slices


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